Take a moment and BREATHE. Look around you, see your amazing life with all its promise and all its beauty. I want you to remember THIS. The NOW. The dreaming, the visionary ideals, your big plans and your even bigger heart. I want you to take those things with you into adulthood, always being true to who you are.

I’m a professional photographer in Lincoln, Nebraska and I’ve been shooting seniors for six years. My photography is warm, authentic and passionate; and I’m inspired by fashion + editorial styling (which means you’ll look like you’re in a magazine!) as well as the beautiful, strong willed, kind hearted, big-dreamer personalities of the amazing seniors I photograph. 

My loves: my family (husband Justin, little boys Silas and Asher), interior design / looking at expensive furniture I would never buy, gummy bears, fluffy lattes, cooking delicious food, and quiet evenings at home in PJs. 

You’ll change a lot in the years to come, and that’s okay. But the person you are right now, as you step into adulthood? That person is really, really important. One day you’ll look back on your now-self and remember who you wanted to be.

That’s where I come in. I capture this beautiful, unique snapshot of your life, RIGHT NOW. You’ll look back on these photos in years to come, and my hope is that you’ll remember all of THIS, these magical days, the dreaming and the sparkling full of life that defines you.


hey that's me :)

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All photos by Nikki Moore Photography